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How to Register

Signing up to CoinMall is a breeze and shouldn’t take you more than a minute. This short 3-step guide will guide you through the required steps so you too can start buying and selling digital products for cryptocurrency on the CoinMall marketplace.

Step 1: Visit and click on the register button

Step 2: Enter the details on the sign-up page, or alternatively log into one of your social accounts and skip filling in the details.

Step 3: This step is important. You have to note and save your PIN. The PIN cannot be retrieved and is required for any financial action (withdrawing, purchasing) on the CoinMall platform!

That’s it! You’ve now registered to CoinMall and are now able to start listing your products or start making purchases. As a reminder, there are no limits or the like on the platform, so feel free to make as many purchases or list as many products as you like.

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