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How to Make a Purchase on Coinmall

Now that you’ve signed up and deposited funds to your CoinMall account, it’s time to purchase a product.

You can conveniently browse the CoinMall marketplace by (sub)categories, specific seller stores or alternatively search for a product in the search bar. When you’ve found the product you would like to purchase, add it to your cart.

On the cart page, enter your PIN and click on the green ‘Checkout’ button. The next page will ask you to confirm your purchase, so make sure everything is correct before clicking on the ‘Confirm purchase’ button.

Once you’ve confirmed the purchase, you should be greeted by the invoice page. This page will contain your purchase information, such as a download link to the file or a serial code, as well as two possibilities: releasing the payment to the seller or starting a dispute process. If you are happy with your purchase and have confirmed the purchase is working, you can release the payment to the seller by entering your PIN and clicking on the ‘release payment’ button. To prevent funds from being stuck for too long, the funds will by default automatically be released to the seller in 48 hours from the time you made the purchase.

If you are not happy with your purchase and feel that the seller has been dishonest, you can open a dispute. To do so, explain why you feel you’ve been wronged in the ‘Reason’ text area and then click on the ‘Open a dispute’ button. Once the dispute has been opened, a moderator will open a three-way conversation between the buyer, seller and moderator to resolve the dispute accordingly.

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